Introducing the Barossa Valley Oil Painting Immersion With Jacqueline Coates; for people who want to let loose their creativity and learn how to produce beautiful work now

6 paintings in 5 days

Stop dreaming, start painting!


Become that artist who
effortlessly whips up fabulous
enviable oil paintings even if you’ve
never painted before!


You’re about to find out;

  • My Freedom to Paint course is all you need to achieve wonderful results in a short space of time with the paintings to prove it!
  • You can apply the Blooms Painting Method®, a system of painting that anyone can learn and use, to practically any subject matter. I’ve designed this method for oils and painting from life.

  • It’s easy to Paint from life! Learn and absorb a great painting method against the magnificent backdrop of the beautiful Barossa Valley.
  • Tasting the Barossa goes hand in hand with painting it. Enjoy local wine tasting in the vineyard after you have painted on location. After we paint a still life, savour the local produce from smoked meats in the German tradition to Barossa Valley Cheeses. Paint it then consume it!
  • Inspiration is right under your nose. Learn how to capture it!

  • I share all my inspirations from my favourite rose grower, to…
  • secret painting spots including vineyards with magnificent hills, winding country roads, a charming historic garden on a tucked away sheep station,
  • Visit the Barossa farmer’s market for produce to paint
  • Enjoy seasonal Barossa magic such as hay bales and tilled fields. We will choose our agenda as a group based on the wonderful seasonal choices at hand.


  • Great paintings don’t take long to create when I show you how!
    Paint a masterpiece in an afternoon with my 8 proven steps to build your painting.
  • All included pack and send your paintings home for you. You don’t have to take wet paintings home. Leave them with me to dry and cure, and I’ll pack and post them for you afterwards. No mess and no fuss. Midsize canvases from 18 x 24 inch to 30 inch square and 30 x 40 inches.

  • Discover Carpe Diem ! Jump into the creative energy stream boots and all!
  • Enhance the way you see life forever. As you paint hone your eye. Celebrate and appreciate the beauty of life. See more colour and design in the everyday.

Ride on my experienced coat tails to create successful paintings straight away.

In case we haven’t met, I’m Jacqueline Coates, an artist of 27 years who’s been teaching and painting full time across Australia and even overseas

I have literally taught thousands of students to paint from scratch with my Blooms Painting Method® using acrylics helping creative dreams come true for others. Now I am proud to share the secrets of my successful oil paintings in a comprehensive and wonderful painting event in my home region of the Barossa Valley.

Take the pain out of painting

By taking the pain out of painting and removing the obstacles most beginners get stopped by, I’ve come up with a foolproof method of painting with oils so you can gain great results.

Students report feeling exhilarated and absorbed in the moment when painting with me in oils. They love the texture and colours and most importantly the creative freedom they feel.

Read what the critics have to say about my
Barossa oil painting workshop

Review by Journalist (and novelist) Christine McCabe, The Weekend Australian , March 2013

‘Jacqueline Coates is the go to person for art lessons nationally.’

From the Article 50 TOP Australian Destinations Australian Country Style, July 2014


I’m just sayin’… these 8 places won’t last long!

  • The next workshop is happening on:
  • Barossa Valley February 26 – March 2, 2018 – $2850 (“Five days painting. Produce a minimum of 6 paintings. Salon Rouge Gallery“)
  • Brisbane-CBD August 9-13, 2017 – $2850 (“Metro Arts, 109 Edwards Street, Brisbane”)

Workshop cost is $2890 inc art supplies and catering. Paint at least 6 paintings in five days.



How much time are you wasting by not having the best painting system in place?

Set yourself up for painting success

“I have received constant support, encouragement and most importantly to me, energy and enthusiasm.
I now have an attitude that ‘I can conquer the art world’ and begin to do this standing on my own two feet. I have been given the tools to look within for the answers and solutions. In summary I have received so much more than a painting mentor. It has been a more holistic process helping me develop my own style and credibility as an artist. Thanks Jac. Xx ”

Mel Simmonds, Warialda, NSW who has gone on to be a selling artist inundated with commissions. Mel’s painting ‘Show Pony’ was selected and hung in the prestigious 2014 Mosman Art Prize, Sydney.


Like many students who haven’t painted much or at all, you may have your concerns…


Perhaps you feel unsure and nervous to make a mistake

A; Although I enjoy the freedom of painting now, I had a lot fears to begin with.

I completely understand that breaking the creative ice can be nerve wracking. We all have an inner critic that goes crazy when we do something new and potentially challenging.

  • That’s why I have designed the course to start with manageable warm up exercises where you will have creative wins and feel good, and all of our paintings are achievable even if you have never painted before.
  • Exercises are clearly demonstrated and shown.
  • Learn to manage the mindset as well as the paintings!
  • Numbers are kept to an exclusive 8 to ensure lots of attention and assistance.
  • You’ll be so busy moving colourful oil paint around your canvas you won’t have time to worry! The feedback I get is that it’s FUN!


• Are you desperately worried what others might think of your efforts?

A; When I started out many years ago I had no-one to show me what to do. Painting pomegranates and having everyone telling you what lovely red onions can be a disheartening experience to say the least!

But then again I hadn’t developed my 8 proven Blooms Painting Method® steps to ensure that would never happen. This is a system of painting you can apply to get great results. No more wondering if your painting will work out. Enjoy certainty!

You won’t ever have to make the mistakes that I made because I will show you what to do and what to avoid. Success is at your fingertips and so is the enthusiasm you will receive from everyone about your paintings!


• Are you worried about creative failure?

A;Not knowing how to start, being afraid to make a mark, feeling confronted by a white canvas… don’t worry I get it! I was there once myself.

That’s why my Blooms Painting Method® is the most compassionate painting method ever, because I understand you don’t have time to make bad paintings.

  • Get to the fun part straight away
  • Drawing onto the canvas made easy
  • Simple steps to build your painting quickly
  • Create paintings you can be proud to hang or sell
  • How to make your paint look luscious
  • Fall in love with this way of working in oils.



Thirteen years ago I moved to the Barossa Valley with my two children under two to paint full time and be a stay-at-home mum.

I left a full time comfortable job as an advertising art director in Sydney. I renovated a stone barn as our home, and fell in love with the landscape of the Barossa Valley.


Sun bleached hills in summer, green gold cropping land, terracotta and chocolate tilled fields, hay bales in October and November, the changing colours of the vineyards and the distant hazy blue Barossa hills all captured my heart and my eye. Although I was starting out on my creative journey and felt nervous I felt enormous enthusiasm for the subject matter around me.


I delighted in the endless flow of seasonal produce such as figs and quinces in autumn, roses the size of dinner plates from spring to early winter, and the cavalcade of spring blossoms from August. My paintings began to embrace the inspiring new subject matter.


When I started out painting I was drawn to the work of Van Gogh, Monet and that of other Impressionist and Post Impressionist painters. I was unsure of my own painting skills but thrilled to have the chance to make my own impressions of my new life in the Barossa. I relished the freedom of waking up to life as a painter every day and giving it a red hot go. To tread in the steps of the greats I so admired, but in my own way was a dream come true.

Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn how to paint a brilliant artwork

It only takes a few hours to paint
a masterpiece in oils

As I developed, my paintings sold almost as quickly as I painted them. Lilacs and rose blooms with branches of jasmine, irises from the markets; I revelled in sumptuous seasonal subject matter.

The surprising thing was, that with my method, these paintings didn’t take very long to paint at all.

I completed most of them in just one sitting.

Soon others who loved my bold and luscious looking oil paintings asked me to teach them to do the same.

So I devised a simple method of teaching to set others up for successful results based on my successful Blooms Painting Method® , but in oils painting from life.

To my delight my Blooms Painting Method® created great results quickly produced for my students as well. They painted beautiful paintings too. Participants left my studio amazed they could achieve such great results so quickly.

Now after loads of requests from students to be taught how to paint in oils the Blooms way, I have created the ultimate art event and workshop so others can experience the complete joy and freedom that comes with painting subject matter from life in oils and create a swag of their own beautiful paintings.


Students can draw upon and respond to the inspirational environment of the beautiful Barossa Valley experiencing a full art immersion. I share what motivates me as an artist and you take the front seat ride through the creative journey capturing it all on canvas.


Oil paint is a totally sensuous medium that glides across the canvas. It’s unlike anything else. It feels beautiful to work with. Oil paints are rich and timeless.

Think of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, Monet’s hay bales, Renoir’s flowers, and more. These were all artists who followed the beat of their own drum in order to be with their painting which tells us something of how passionately engaged they were with the pleasure of painting.


Oil paints can be applied smooth or applied thickly for rich texture. I share how to create the sought after thick impasto style in my paintings as well as smooth styles and even mono printing in oils.

Every painting I created this way was a revelation and a thrill to me. I still treasure every moment I spent creating because those sensations of being immersed in colour and form are burned upon my memory and my feelings forever.

I literally get a high from painting from life, and from capturing a moment in paint. I learned something new with each painting. Now I want to share this with you, because I know how joyful it feels to create and experience the freedom to paint.


I’m just sayin’… these 8 places won’t last long!


  • The next workshop is happening on:
  • Barossa Valley February 26-March 2, 2018 – $2850 (“Five days painting. Produce a minimum of 6 paintings. Salon Rouge Gallery“)
  • Brisbane-CBD August 9-13, 2017 – $2850 (“Metro Arts, 109 Edwards Street, Brisbane”)



Who’s permission are you waiting for

to enjoy the painting adventure of a lifetime?


Notice those colours in that hill.

What colours would you choose to match the night sky?

How would you mix those greens backlit by the sun?

See more colour, understand form, see how light transforms an object, and learn the art of creating great compositions.

Achieve mastery and create beautiful paintings when you are shown step by step.




Six days of learning to change the way
you see forever


When you are shown what to look for before you paint, and the easy steps to take to get your painting going, you will never see things the same way again. It’s as though you are seeing for the first time. And it’s fun!

When the veil has been lifted you become decisive about where to place your next paint stroke and what colour to pick up.

Concern drops away to be replaced by excitement & achievement.


Become a painter who can mix colour, wield a paint brush with confidence and paint a range of subject matter.

“A great experience with the effervescent Jac, learning and inspiring our new artistic journey ahead. Jac will help you to arrive to your new path.” Penny Stanton, Central Coast, NSW”

Learn the painting tips most other professional artists would prefer you didn’t know

“My desire to paint has been catapulted forward during my Kapunda stay… Jac has put so much energy and thought into giving us the best experience whilst here… and for our future as artists.” Janet Doyle, Goondiwindi, QLD

Artists see beauty in the every day. A piece of fruit can become the subject of a painting capturing light and beautiful colour. The world appears more beautiful to an artist than to most people. They appreciate and are uplifted by the world around them from small details to the big picture.

Being an artist is a celebration of being alive. It’s an opportunity to inspire others with your vision of the world.



I’m just sayin’… these 8 places won’t last long!


  • The next workshop is happening on:
  • Barossa Valley February 26 – March 2, 2018 (“Five days painting. Produce a minimum of 6 paintings. Salon Rouge Gallery“)
  • Brisbane-CBD August 9 – 13, 2017 (“Metro Arts, 109 Edwards Street, Brisbane”)



Exhilaration, joy, excitement, stimulation… that’s just from applying paint freely. Wait till you try a Barossa red!


Of course this is the reason I love teaching people to paint. To see the joy of accomplishment on a student’s face, to help a person unlock themselves from previous restrictions, to overcome their fear when they realise they can do this, to see tears of happiness as they achieve and believe in themselves, to see wonderful creation and production from total newbies… it’s a dream to teach and to share my knowledge. It’s a gift to see others transform.

“I have just spent 10 fantastic days at Jacqueline Coates ‘Salon Rouge’ in the Barossa Valley. Buckets of roses and inspirations for my painting.

An insight into techniques, style and stepping up to the work involved; all very exciting! Thanks Jacqueline, the journey in Art continues for me.” Val Parker, Artist, and student of the MMFA Program.


Learn in one of the most inspiring & abundant environments on the planet


Paint in my atmospheric art gallery and painting studio Salon Rouge and other Barossa locations including painting en plein air for landscape session in spectacular Barossa settings.

It’s usual for a student to feel they can’t paint at the start then be delighted they’ve produced a painting they love by the end of the session!

Emphasis is placed on working with the individual’s natural style alongside easy to embrace principals and powerful tips that will build a strong painting.

All paintings in the workshop start with hands on demos, simple instructions and info, question and answer sessions, then hands on for the students as well. Groups are kept to a maximum of 8 to ensure help is at hand when you need it.


Create some ‘me-time’ in the Barossa to focus on your art

Life and responsabilities can get busy which is why I have planned a productive and enjoyable six day workshop with five days of painting for you and a collection of monoprints as well as follow up time to revise what we have done so you are clear about how to create paintings if you want when you go home. My students tell me they love having ‘me-time’, time away from the usual day to day distractions.

The Barossa provides a wonderful peaceful country backdrop. It’s an environment where I have been able to be highly productive a an artist and teacher.


Heighten your senses, revel in creative freedom

Create 5 medium size paintings ( up to 30 x 40 inch) and learn heaps without being away from home or family or job for too long. Use the valuable information from the workshop to go forward with your painting from home whether it’s to sell your work or paint for pleasure. Enjoy receiving the paintings up to two months later when they have dried, all packed and sent for you.

‘It was great to receive my painting in the post today! I really love my painting! Thanks for sending!’ Jacqueline Smith, Melbourne.

Find out that you absolutely can

The daily painting session has a pre-planned time frame in which we will start and finish a painting. We have time for other activities as well

  • Enjoy the bonus sessions including monoprinting
  • Visit our favourite foodie Maggie Beers
  • Visit the Barossa farmers Market
  • Enjoy wine tasting at a vineyard with the wine maker in a spectacular landscape.

An encouraging environment where you are having fun is the best way to learn and create great results. Enjoy the fabulous discovery that you can paint too!

Okay, enough!
How much is this amazing oil painting event going to cost me?


Having created the dream oil painting event full of light bulb moments for my students so they can paint with enjoyment and ease, and just 8 spots available per event, you can imagine I only want students who are totally passionate and up for this unique art immersion, who appreciate the opportunity to go for it and maximise their time to create great work.

Therefore this offer excludes the whiney tire kickers!
I’m keeping eight seats and eight easels warm for eight focussed and enthusiastic go get’em participants.

By the way, the workshop commences the evening before you pick up the paint brushes and finishes midday (after a goodbye lunch) the day after you put the brushes down. So it’s actually a six days and a bit workshop using high quality art materials organised and laid on for you.

As well as soaking up all my best information like a sponge, enjoying loads of demos, learning loads of relevant and empowering techniques, being shown my Barossa I love so much including all the secret bits, eating like a well fed Barossan, you’ll be turning out 6 beautiful paintings you will feel proud to hang or sell. Add the monoprints and you have enough work straight up for a small exhibition of your work if you want to. Or fill your house with gorgeous colour and texture.

You’ll be accessing the Barossa inspiration and my proven Blooms Painting Method® for oils. It’s a steal at a total of

$2790 per person inc GST.

Try buying 6 beautiful artworks at that price and having a holiday to reboot your senses?!

What You Get


Your Cost

All art materials supplied to create 6 medium size paintings (from 18 x 24inch to 30 x 40 inch canvases), generous use of oils including for palette knife and brush work, and monoprinting, catering, 6 days of painting tuition and mentoring
• Colour Mixing for Oils,
• Safety Practices for Oils,
• How to Sell Your Work,
• Mono Printing with Oils. Learn how to produce a series of monoprints.
Total of bonus sessions value $450
Welcome dinner
2 post workshop mentor sessions
Freedom to Paint Oils Start Up Manual
3 artist interviews
• Fuss free pack and post your paintings home for you includes taking your paintings to a specially set aside drying shed with racks so they can cure ready for travel, packing and packing materials, insurance, and cost of sending
( Australia wide ) so you don’t have to carry home any wet paintings
Worth $350
Excursion to Maggie Beers and lunch
Visit to Farmers Markets
Props to paint including gorgeous local produce, and flowers

Total Value

Your special event price

Total Saving


So what are you going to do?

Procrastination can be costly. It means you can miss out and that means going nowhere creatively. Grab your spot before someone else does.

There are only 8 places for each workshop. First in best dressed. Imagine what you can do with the knowledge you will learn with me, for years to come? Freedom to paint and pleasure can be yours if you act now to become part of a creative event of a lifetime.


I’m just sayin’… these 8 places won’t last long!


  • The next workshop is happening on:
  • March 24 – 28, 2017
  • August 9 – 13, 2017



Where will I stay?

I’ve got just the place. Enjoy classic and inspiring Barossa accommodation at student rates if you need somewhere to stay. Twin share from $90 a night. Some single rooms available. Stay at my popular ‘A Barn in the Barossa’ (featured in Australian Country Style and Inside Out Magazine) or ‘The Mill House on Baker Street’, my new accommodation offering complete with gorgeous stone walled garden.

Local bluestone is a natural building material used in Kapunda’s historic buildings. Both accommodations are characterful and charming (temperature controlled) accommodations filled with art and stylish surrounds. Breakfast provisions included in the rate along with sheets and towels. Or check out other great local Kapunda accommodations. Ask me for the list.

Where will I eat?

The Barossa has great produce and we will be eating it! Kapunda has One White Kite Café who provide wonderful catering for my workshops. Emphasis is on fresh produce and healthy delicious food sourced from local suppliers using premium produce.

All your lunches and refreshments are included in the workshop. Breakfast provisions are included at the Barn and The Mill House on Baker Street.

Dinners are your own to arrange. We have several great pubs in town and healthy takeaway soups and meals can be arranged with One White Kite Café.

Gluten free and vegetarian available. Please advise dietary requirements at time of booking.

During your stay we will visit the Barossa Farmers Market and Maggie Beers and have a private wine tasting against the magnificent backdrop of Barossa vineyards and the spectacular hills.

Oil paints are all the same or are they?

One of the oil paint brands you will have the opportunity to try out is Winsor & Newton Artisan Range which cleans up in water and has no odours.

We will also work with traditional oils that clean up with turps. We have lots of ventilation and will use odourless mediums. I have loads of disposable gloves to keep your hands clean.

By trying several ranges of oils during the course for different exercises you can decide what suits you best.

6 paintings in five days, but what size?

Sizes will range from 18 inch x 24 inch up to 30inch by 40 inch. These sizes can be posted throughout Australia and are manageable to pack and send. They are also a great size to hang.

How will I get my paintings home?

I’ve included a drying and packing service in your workshop fee. No mess, no bother, no smudged paintings. Your paintings will simply arrive home to you about two months after the workshop ready to enjoy.

How many students in a workshop?

I am only accepting 8 students per workshop, and that’s it!

Why only 8 students? To ensure quality results I keep the group small so you and your paintings benefit to the hilt from responsive tuition.

How will I get to Kapunda?

Kapunda is one hour and fifteen minutes from Adelaide airport. There is a shuttle bus that is used to meeting students at the airport and dropping them to Kapunda. They also pick up from Kapunda. This is a door to door service. Once in Kapunda you won’t need a car. Everything is close by and if you need a lift we can provide one. If you prefer hire a car from the Adelaide airport.


I’m just sayin’… these 8 places won’t last long!


  • The next workshop is happening on:
  • December 1 – 7, 2016
  • December 14 – 19, 2016
  • January 15 – 21, 2017
  • March 6 – 12, 2017

So the question is…

Are you going to continue to struggle with your paintings and creative dreams, achieving lack lustre results
are you going to experience Freedom to Paint Oils and create 6 paintings in five days immersing yourself in Barossa Inspiration?

I’d encourage you to seize the day and seize one of my prized eight places so you too can paint with ease and enjoyment plus great results.

Too busy to paint? This course is perfect for you.

When will you give yourself the creative dream?

How do I book?

Click to book in.

Or Email Jacquelinecoates@bigpond.com

Or call Jacqueline on Mobile +61 412 587 438 Australia

Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method® is the registered trademark of Jacqueline Coates 2014


Cut through your can’t do thinking now